Why Buy P3D Tokens?

If You Play FOMO3D …

Here are the benefits to P3D Token Holders …

Playing FOMO3D directly benefits all P3D token holders by paying out dividends to all token holders each time a key is purchased and also every time that a round ends (unless Team Bear wins). The amount of the total pot that is paid out as dividends is determined by the team that wins. If you’d like to maximize the dividends to P3D holders, then you would want to play on Team Snek.

To benefit as others play F3D, you just need to be holding P3D tokens:

  • Purchase P3D tokens, the higher the share of tokens you hold, the more dividends you earn.
  • Each time a new key is purchased, all P3D holders receive a portion of the sale as dividends.
  • At the end of every round, all P3D holders also receive a portion of the pot as dividends proportionate to the percentage of P3D tokens held.

Here is a video that shows you how to buy P3D Tokens.

Buy P3D Tokens Now!

Why? For a second stream of passive income from the FOMO3D games! That’s why?